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Manage multiple seed phrases with only one master password. SubWallet supports 150+ networks, 450+ tokens, and 80+ dApps.

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All the functions you need. In one SubWallet.

Where Your Security Is Prioritized

Security is at the center of everything we do. We uphold the core values of Web3: privacy and self-custody.


Non-custodial Wallet

Only you have access to your accounts, funds, private keys and data. We cannot help you restore once they are lost.
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Respected User Privacy

We do not track any personal identifiable information, your account addresses or asset balances.
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Fully Open Source

As a Web3 project, we keep our GitHub open-sourced so that anyone can audit our codes.
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Independent Audit

We have officially passed independent security audit 02 times and received certification.
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Cold Wallet Support

You can use Polkadot Vault, Ledger and Keystone with SubWallet to better secure your assets.
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Phishing Prevention

We have integrated phishing lists from Polkadot {.js} and ChainPatrol to protect you from scams.
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Web3 Natives Love SubWallet

We collaborate closely with our partners to ensure that you receive the best possible experience.

As a daily user of SubWallet, I can attest to its reliability, ease of use, and overall impact on my workflow. Upon discovering SubWallet, I was immediately impressed with their commitment to advancing the blockchain space through a seamless, secure, and user-friendly wallet solution.
Marvin Tong //@marvin_tong
Co-founder of Phala Network
As a person working in the blockchain industry, I am very cautious with security and UX for any wallet interaction. After finding SubWallet last year, it became my go-to non-custodial wallet since then. I am impressed with its token-centric focus, and continuous improvements the team has made.
Justin Pham // @justinphamnz
Co-founder of Bit.Country
SubWallet team expertise in building secure and user-friendly wallet solutions has changed the way users interact with Astar. With their innovative features and commitment to user experience, SubWallet has become an indispensable tool for seamless transactions and asset management.
Maarten // @henskensm
Head of Astar Foundation
SubWallet truly elevates the user experience within the Polkadot ecosystem. The simplicity of cross-chain transfers (XCM), comprehensive NFT support, straightforward crowdloan participation, and intuitive staking processes make even advanced technologies approachable.
Dmitry Zhelezov // @dmitry-zhelezov
Co-founder of Subsquid
SubWallet is a user-friendly and open-source wallet for the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem. It supports a wide range of parachains and assets. With its intuitive interface and commitment to open-source principles, SubWallet offers a reliable option for those seeking a versatile and accessible wallet.
Bryan Chen // @XiliangChen
Co-founder of Acala
Onboarding users to web3 products can be a challenge. Working with SubWallet for the release of our first season of Awesome Ajuna Avatars, made this a breeze! The combination of a fluid user experience and focus on security makes SubWallet an ideal partner for our AAA and more!
Nicholas // @nickdouz
Co-founder of Ajuna Network
Thanks to the xcm transfer feature of SubWallet, xcRHEE can finally say goodbye to polkadot.js extension wallet, which was supposed to be used by the developers in most cases. Now, I no longer have to search for different applications from different parachains interfaces when I want to cross-transfer my assets!
Sang Hyun Rhee // @RHEE_UNION
Head of East Asia of Polkadot
I recommend SubWallet for three reasons. SubWallet has a cool UI/UX design. The UI is intuitively navigable. Finally, I trust the SubWallet team. They sincerely listen to user feedback and provide quick updates. I have high expectations for SubWallet's future evolution as a trusted "Crypto Wallet" for users.
Takeshi // @tsarah0822
Astar Ambassador
I am impressed with Subwallet's intuitive design. Navigating the interface was a breeze. Features are well-organized, and the user experience is clearly at the heart of its design, making asset management straightforward and efficient. What sets Subwallet apart, however, is its dedication to staying ahead of the curve.
Muddleebee // @muddleebee
Polkadot Ambassador
I really like the work that SubWallet has been doing, helping new users onboard the Polkadot Ecosystem with an easy-to-use and outstanding desktop extension UI, as well as the mobile wallet. I love Dotinsights; it provides great information that helps us better understand the direction of the entire project.
Maarmapa // @maarmapa
Polkadot LATAM Head Ambassador

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